Accordion menu extension


Simple two level vertical menu. This extension can be easily customized and integrate with any website wich use Yii framework.
  • Menu is displayed vertically
  • Toplevel items is a link
  • Accordion has indicators to show the state of the menu
Extension have a small size (near 18kb) but but depends on jQuery. If you have any questions about this extension, please feel free to ask. I will gladly help you.


  • Download archive with extension
  • Uncompress menu extension to folder protected/extensions
  • Rename foder to 'menu' (or other, but remember: this folder name you will be use in widget code )
  • Create item array
  • Use widget code


  • Yii 1.1.x or above
  • Tested on IE7/IE8/IE9/Firefox/Chrome/Opera


For more information please visit usage page